A variety of cover tunes (i.e. songs originally recorded by other artists) that I recorded in my home studio in the US.

Dave's Tunes

For Students of English

For those who wish to improve their English skills, I will periodically upload grammar reference sheets for friends and students.

Download David's Grammar Reference Sheets

A demo tape made during my musician days.



A Dezign Studio has been providing web services since 1995. With a diverse range of clients we have serviced, we are prepared to create your new web site - or to even modify your already existing one - providing you an aesthetically pleasing and professional presence on the World Wide Web.

Our primary services:

  • Website Development for Corporations and Small Businesses
  • Audio/Video Streaming, Custom Audio
  • Custom Graphics
  • Ecommerce

If you have specific questions regarding your specific needs, contact us at your convenience. We will provide you with advice as to how you should proceed and work with you to map out your projects progress.

Feel free to visit some of our prior clients' websites or view our portfolio gallery.



David Carriger



A Dezign Studio offers its' clients competitive services at a resonable rate. With todays high tech capabilities, computer companies are in such large demand that prices are ever-rising. We strive to keep our pricing at a more reasonable rate and encourage you to contact competitors for estimates on the work that you would like completed. We are confident that you will be unable to find another company that offers better pricing for like-services.

Listed below are our primary services and the estimated fees that we charge, therein.

Service Estimated Fee
Original Site Design Fee $150 1-Time Original Design Fee
Web Design $100 per page
Graphic Design $35 per hour
Streamed Audio/Video $10-25 per streamed media file created
Site Maintenance $35 per hour

Clients: Make a PayPal Payment

To pay for invoiced services, click the "Pay Now" button below:

!IMPORTANT: Making payments to A Dezign Studio using PayPal will require creating your own account. Please note; however, that your credit card information will not be revealed to anyone. Click here for information on this or Contact PayPal directly for detailed information regarding their policies.

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Welcome to A Dezign Studio

Though we do offer our clients various IT services, "A Dezign Studio" is primarily a web design company. Our main objective is on the creation of a one-of-a-kind design. In order to do this, we focus on these guidelines:

  • Create a design layout that compliments current company logos, advertisements, etc.
  • If a new logo is desired, create a fresh new look that compliments the companies genre.
  • Make recommendations for site enhancement utilizing the latest in web technology.
  • Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on implementation of a new site design.
  • Investigate into clients closest competitors' online presence in order to surpass same.

We provide high quality production, attention to detail and focus on our client's needs by utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technology online. A Dezign Studio does NOT create "clone" sites! We work individually with each client to provide them with a one-of-a-kind design that they can be proud of. From beginning-to-end, producing your online presence becomes a joyful experience instead of a burden on you.

Our designers and developers are specialists intent on creating a safe, secure and enjoyable online experience for site owners and visitors, alike.

Our principle goal is to produce a timely product without sacrificing quality.